Car Lift parking Systems

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Romax Parking Solutions Ltd, established in 2002, is the most experienced maintenance and service provider for car parking systems in Canada. We architect, implement and provide services for commercial and residential parking systems applications. We have a strong background in both mechanical engineering and construction. Our technicians are highly qualified; trained in Europe and North America. We are flexible and on each project, we can adjust our service to ensure we meet your specific parking system goals and requirements.

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Implementation Options:

  • Install parking systems for new construction buildings such as condominiums, government buildings, hospitals, medical centres, car dealerships, airports, shopping centres, etc.
  • Modify your outdoor parking, including completing the entire construction involved with installing new outdoor parking systems, thus increasing parking space.
  • Upgrade your existing underground parking to multiply parking space.

Parking Systems Service Intervals:

  • In general, a simple stacker must be serviced at least once per year (twice yearly is recommended).
  • In multi-family residential (like condominiums) service twice per year is highly recommended.
  • Depending on the type of machine and its usage, some projects will require service to be conducted more regularly.
  • High traffic areas or valet parking require to be serviced on quarterly basis.

Car Parking System Cleaning Services:

  • All car lifters from the top.
  • All car lifters on the bottom.
  • All concrete pits.
  • All posts resting on the concrete.
  • Whole concrete floor in the garage.

Built to Last
Our lifts are manufactured with best components and engineering methods.