Model Type

VTS 2-2

Double Platform System, TWO CarS Lift

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Product Information

Romax Parking Solutions offers the VTS 2-2 (Vehicle Transport System), a hydraulic home parking system that transports vehicles from street level to a basement parking. The home car elevator is predominantly intended for daily residential utilization. This home parking system makes the most out of available space, stores vehicles, and provides safety for expensive and/or seasonal vehicles. Car dealerships also use these residential parking systems for car display in showrooms.

The VTS 2-2 home parking system is similar to our popular VTS 2-1 home car elevator, differentiating only in that it transports two vehicles simultaneously. Both the lower and the upper level platforms can carry a vehicle from one level to another at the same time. The VTS 2-2 home parking system is designed to add convenience and comfort to your home parking. This home parking system allows you to transfer your vehicle between subterranean and ground level without moving the vehicle on the top platform. When the upper level platform is raised, the lower level platform serves as a protective steel cover over the opening in your garage floor. Correspondingly, when the bottom platform is lowered unto underground level, the upper platform fills the opening in your garage floor.

The VTS 2-2 home parking system may be installed outdoors or indoors, according to clients’ desire. For outdoor installations, the home car elevator is mounted on a driveway based in front of the home, from which the home parking system transports the vehicle directly into the residence basement. We highly suggest that residential parking systems installed outdoors undergo heavy duty full galvanization. Additional safety precautions apply to outdoor installations of the home parking system. For indoor parking of the home car elevator, the height of the garage must be parallel to that of the distance between the finished basement floor and finished ground floor plus the height of your car plus 6ft. In the case of lower garages, adjustable telescopic spacers are added in between the platforms to compensate the lower height of your garage. Light barriers may be installed on the ceiling of your home garage that releases a signal to indicate a lack of space and automatically lock the home car elevator to prevent the car from damage.

The VTS 2-2 home parking system comes in two basic sizes. The home car elevator can also be custom-made. The measurements for the smaller standard home parking system have a length of 5500mm, a width of 2450mm, and a lifting height that measures up to 2750mm. The larger standard home car elevator has a length of 6050mm, a width or 2550mm, and a lifting distance of up to 3200mm. With the custom option, the dimensions of the home car elevator are tailored to fit the specific scope of your home garage.