Model Type


Double Platform System, One Car Lift

Technical Drawings

VTS 2-1DS Short Length.pdfVTS 2-1DS Standard Length.pdf

Product Information

Romax Parking Solutions distributes the VTS 2-1 (Vehicle Transport System), a hydraulic residential car elevator designed to transfer automobiles from street level to an underground parking area. This machine was specially produced for day to day residential application as a solution for maximizing available space, storing automobiles, and providing security for exclusive and/or seasonal vehicles. It also serves as a mode for vehicle display in car dealership showrooms.

The VTS 2-1 is similar in its design to our well-liked VTS 1, differing only in that it has two platforms rather than one. The upper level platform of the home parking system provides a supplementary parking space on ground level while another car is parked beneath in the basement parking zone. The residential car elevator operates on a one vehicle at a time basis. When in motion, the home parking system will carry a car seated on the bottom platform. The second platform also serves to seal the opening created when the residential car elevator descends to the subterranean parking area. The VTS 2-1 home parking system has the benefit of being installed indoors or outdoors. With outdoor installations, the residential car elevator is most frequently mounted on a driveway in front of the home, from which the automobile is carried straight into the residence basement. We highly recommend heavy duty full galvanization on the residential car elevator with outdoor installations. Extra safety measures are involved with outdoor installations of the residential parking systems. Residential parking systems used for indoor parking, the altitude of the garage must be equivalent to the distance between the finished basement floor and the finished ground floor. To accommodate shorter garages, adjustable telescopes are mounted for exact fitting to your home garage.

The VTS 2-1 residential car elevator is offered in two stock sizes. The home parking system can also be customized. The proportions for the smaller standard residential car elevator are preferred to have a length of 5500mm, a width of 2450mm, and a lifting height of up to 2750mm. The bigger standard residential car elevator has a length of 6050mm, a width of 2550mm, and a lifting distance of up to 3200mm. The custom residential car elevator alternative insinuates that the home car elevator dimensions will be modified to match the exact size of your home garage.

Romax Parking Solutions believes safety to be a priority. Every residential parking system is Canadian Certified in accordance with the Ontario Building Code. Auxiliary safety packages on all residential parking systems, which include double safety limit switches, light barriers, and sensors, are made available upon request. Our company is registered under the TSSA (Toronto Standard Safety Authority) as an installer and service provider for residential parking systems. Romax Parking Solutions is confident in the safety and quality of its residential parking systems. Our standard warranty for residential parking systems is compromised of a one year electrical warranty, two years hydraulic warranty, and five years structural warranty. An optional renewable extensive residential car elevator warranty is also available.