Model Type

IPP-2E 2700

Independent Pit Parking, 2 Cars, Double Deck

Technical Drawings

IPP 2E 2700 a.pdfIPP 2E 2700 b.pdfIPP 2E 2700 c.pdf

Product Information

The IPP2E 2700 is a two level car parking system resolutely designed to multiply parking spots where space is limited. The IPP is a high-performance, technologically advanced, clean home car lift explicitly engineered as a space-saving solution. This home car parking system offers the possibility of descending vehicles parked on a platform to subterranean level as well as the possibility of raising vehicles above ground level. Our proficient engineering team has logically devised a solution to obtain a meticulously tidy garage floor free of posts and beams upon platform descent of platforms. The IPP home car parking lift is a heavy-duty structure processed through hot deep galvanization to ensure long-term rust protection consequently extending the lifespan of the system. Additionally Romax has replaced the former trapezoid sheet metal platforms with hot deep galvanized checker plate platforms providing the advantage of a smooth, sleek and flat parking surface with added comfort to maintain and clean. Standard sizes of the IPP home car parking system have a load capacity of 2,700KG per platform, the weight of two SUVs.

Three fully electric standard options propose three different strategies in which the car parking lift can be made compatible with your home garage. The IPP2ER (Regular) was explicitly calculated to allow home parking for larger vehicles with its capacity of parking SUVs on both the bottom and the top platforms. The IPP2EL (Low) provides parking for one SUV on the top platform and one SEDAN on the bottom platform. The IPPEDR (Drive-Thru) yields parking for SUVs on both the top and bottom platforms, additionally allowing vehicles to drive-thru to basement parking upon descent of lower platforms. A pit is required beneath the lower platform of the IPPEDR (please view PDF) as well as a clearance of 8’ between the finished ground level and the finished subterranean level. In the case of greater clearance than 8’ Romax highly recommends the VTS parking system.